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===New POC32 Version 2.16 released===
<font size=”-1″>17-Aug-2010</font>

POC32 – POCSAG Monitor for Windows

[[Products::POC32|Visit product page]]

[ Download demo version]


===New PadEnc Version 1.17 released===
<font size=”-1″>19-Sep-2003</font>

PadENC is an encoder for program associated (PAD) and independent (packet data) data services in Digital Radio (DAB).

[[Products::padenc|Visit product page]]

[ Download demo version]


===New DABUSB Version 2.24 released===
<font size=”-1″>04-Apr-2003</font>

DABUSB/WinDAB is our software decoder package for Digital Radio (DAB). It
contains libraries and applications to receive audio and data streams from
any Terratec DR-Box 1 on any Linux or Windows based PCs.

[[Products::DABUSB|Visit product page]]

[ Download here]

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