Frontpanel with LCD

Timeframe:2004, minor additions in 2007


Type: Customized development of HW&SW

Status: Used by Reel Multimedia in Reelbox Lite and Reelbox Avantgarde

Keywords: AVR, SMD, PCB design, Linux support utilities


  • PCB layout with AVR 8515 microcontroller
    • PCB customized to case designer’s requirements
    • RS232 command interface to PC
    • Dot matrix display interface
    • Keyboard with 12 keys
    • IR decoding (UEI XMP-1 protocoll and raw IR)
    • PWM for status and illumination LEDs
    • Timer for PC wakeup
    • Large visible realtime clock
    • In system updateable with safe bootloader
  • Support utilities
    • Driver for LCD control (via graphlcd-package)
    • Dispatching of IR and key events
    • Tools for feature access and flash update