POC32 – POCSAG Monitor for Windows – FAQ

  • For arabic, asian, cyrillic and hebrew languages there might different tables be necessary.
  • The received signal must be strong with no noise on it. In case there is noise on it try moving your antennae to a better place.
  • Please make sure you are using a real baseband (= discriminator) output. The earphone jack generally does not work properly.
  • First always try to use POC32 together with a soundcard. The com-port solution is not recommended for people with no knowledge about electronical components.
  • If there are still problems play a little bit with the audio levels by using the windows mixer’s recording settings. In some cases (for e.g. soundcards with OPT
  • Please refer to scanner related newsgroups to get further information about scanning and modifications to get a baseband output: