DAB-Monitor & Datendienstarchiv

DAB-Monitor is a powerful tool to monitor, analyse and to archive audio and data services broadcasted over DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting).

  • DAB-Monitor can be used with any HTML-capable operating system over the network (intra/internet), thus providing easy integration in existing environments.
  • DAB-Monitor can execute arbitrary programs when some configurable error conditions (alarms) are met, allowing flexible error management.
  • DAB-Monitor archives all transmitted data services (interactive service, slide show and dynamic label) and can restore the “user display” of all programs for any give time in the archived time range.
  • There are various search possibilites for transmitted text and files in the DAB-Archive.
  • All monitored and archived transmission parameters (MP2-audio-level, MOT bandwidth and errors, DL rate and errors) can be conveniently analysed for time spans from 30 minutes to 10 days.
  • DAB-Monitor can monitor up to two DAB-Ensembles at one time, using our DAB-USB-receiver modules. The time range for archiving is only limited by hard disk space.

A demo DAB-Monitoring system is available on http://www.dabmon.de

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