Quad DVB transport stream interface


Type: Customized development of HW&SW

Status: Used by Reel Multimedia in Reelbox Lite

Keywords: DVB, FPGA, VHDL, PCI, Linux drivers


  • XC2S200E FPGA containing
    • Transport stream interface for 4 swapable tuners
    • PID filters (up to 8192 PIDs per filter)
    • CAM support with 3 CI slots
    • Descrambling support
    • Flexible TS switch matrix for tuners/CAMs
    • 4 channel DMA engine with completion interrupt
    • I2C, GPIOs
    • PCI target/initiator (32MHz/32Bit, own development)
  • Driver module for Linux DVB-API
    • Tuner detection
    • Integration of DMA&PID-filtering
    • I2C driver
    • Hotplug-PCI support for FPGA updates