Timeframe:2003-2004, extensions in 2005/2006

Type: SW entirely developed on customer requirement

Status: Used by Bayerischer Rundfunk in full production

Keywords: Middleware, Gateway, XML, XSL, SQL, Oracle, High Availability, Load Balancing, Streaming, DigAS, Medienbroker, RadioMax, WebMerlin


  • Strategic and secure gateway for media information exchange between various applications and user profiles
    • Setup with load balancing and fail-over
    • Provides SOAP web service for Medienbroker
    • Provides SOAP web service for WebMerlin
    • SQL interface for DigAS databases (Oracle)
    • SQL interface for RadioMax databases (Oracle)
    • XML interface for importing DigAIRange scheduling data
    • Internal database for fast schedule search
    • Flexible search interfaces (webservice, web browser)
    • Complex query generation
    • Downconversion and HTTP-streaming of Musicam files
    • Comfortable administration GUI
    • Database and file server setup
    • Configurable element conversion
    • Configurable file and database server bandwidth
    • All Web GUIs based on XSL
    • All services implemented in Perl