DAB Streaming-Server & Datendienst-Dekoder

Timeframe: 1999-2004

Type: Own SW development, special customer requirements for professional usage

Status: Consumer version freely available

Keywords: DAB, MOT, PAD, DGPS, IP-over-DAB, streaming, Linux, Windows


  • Complete DAB decoding software
    • RDI decoding
    • FIG and subchannel decoding
    • Integrated HTTP server
    • Subchannel streaming via HTTP
    • HTTP configuration interface
    • MFC GUI (Windows)
    • PAD extraction
    • Packet stream decoder
    • Dynamic Labels
    • MOT (incl. MOT Broadcast Website)
    • Differential GPS over DAB
    • IP-over-DAB
    • In-house-telegrams (IHT)
    • Executables for Linux-x86 and Windows
    • Special ports for embedded platforms (MIPS)
    • C++-API for development of own applications (eg. used in Korean DMB-project)